Children's Work on Sundays


We have a staffed crèche for babies and toddlers (0-3 years) at the 10.30am Lifebuilder service and at any 10.30 combined service.

Children are encouraged in free play with toys and books available. The crèche room is open throughout the service, but we love having a family environment and so encourage all children to stay in the service at the beginning. If you take your child out, they will be returned to you by one of the crèche staff at the end.

Ask one of the welcome team where to take your child when you arrive in church. The crèche is situated in the room on the right hand side as you come in through the main church doors.

If you feel like you need to stay in the crèche with your child as they might not settle well, you will soon be able to listen to the service through an audio feed into the crèche room.

Junior Heroes​

We are passionate about communicating the truth of the gospel with our children in order that they can come into a relationship with God.  One of the ways we do this is with our Sunday groups which run during the 10:30am Lifebuilder service. We have a number of groups for our under 11s which make up Junior Heroes.  Each Junior Heroes group currently follows the Light Scripture Union material which aims to teach the children about the Christian faith and disciple them in following God.  The groups are as follows: 


3-5 years / preschool age- Reception - currently meeting in the Sports Hall


6-8 years / School Years 1-3 - currently meeting in the Sports Hall


9-11 years / School years 4-6 - currently meeting in the Sports Hall